By | May 31, 2020

Check out @daisy_goord’s PRO tip for lived-in locks. ? PRO tip: During the consultation, it’s important to discuss with your client how much they’re willing to commit to routine maintenance. Suggest a soft shadow root to extend time between salon visits. They’ll appreciate your honesty and keep coming back for more! #wellahair #wellalife

Cute curly bright blonde

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Fashionable haircut “unisex” like the star of the Twiggy catwalk Englishwoman Leslie Hornby, better known to the world as the supermodel Twiggy – a symbol of the rebellious 1960s, became the first girl to step on the catwalk with a short haircut in the unisex style.

A tip from our Global Creative Artist, Sonya Dove: Combine warm toned 10/31 with cool toned 10/8 to create a beautiful beige blonde with depth ??? Have you tried new Koleston Perfect yet? #AskForWella

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